Winners from: Care on camera, RCN 100 Photo Competiton

Musical Entertainment from a hospital bed

By NHS Forth Valley

People's choice award winner: One of our elderly patients at Forth Valley Royal Hospital entertains staff with his violin. Staff heard the man was a musciain and encouraged him to play

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Melanie Bradley 24.05.16

What a wonderful picture. In a rehab setting it would please any nurse to see their patient entertaining them after having battled a serious illness.

HELEN BYRNE 02.05.16

Just goes to show everyone can be tuned into...and even rise above their current hospitalised environment! Three cheers for capturing such a precious moment: a valuable patient bringing joy to nursing. Let us be loving, even unconventionally. Reminds me of how Jesus' compassion led Him to stand out from the crowd and offer salvation from our plights.

Ruth Hamlin 30.04.16

This photo captures the understanding that patients are people too with histories, interests and skills. A great picture, well done!

ian johnson 18.04.16

Brilliant. The colours of the uniforms , the chair and the mans jumper all co-ordinate to suggest they are all in harmony; patient and nurses. Although the nurses have uniforms, there is nothing to suggest they have more power than the patient - they are on an equal footing , sharing the joy. The violin symolises the harmony; music and caring - all things that are beyond words. Absolutely great photo.

Anne Ross 28.02.16

Love the composition on this one. The 'person centred' approach . As it should be! Wonderful :-)